June 30, 2006

Interest in Energy Funds

If you’re looking to invest your money profitably, the new handbook from Peter C. Fusaro and Gary M. Vasey should help you with a few useful tips. “Energy and Environmental Hedge Funds: The New Investment Paradigm” is for those who are seriously contemplating investing in the energy industry, which Fusaro and Vasey call “the world's largest business with over $4 trillion in annual trade.” With over 450 hedge funds trading in energy-related companies that deal in coal and solar power, the authors explain that the interest in oil, gas, coal and power is due to the imbalance between consumption of energy and the lack of exploration to find new sources of energy. Energy funds have “between $400 million and $1 billion in assets under management, say the writers. The book is priced at $120, for those interested. 

Follow this link to read more articles by Fusaro and Vasey.

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