September 08, 2006

Islamic Hedge Fund Is Rising

Recently, I had written a post on Islamic hedge fund. The post was titled "Will There be an Islamic Hedge Fund?". Now it seems that Islamic hedge fund is becoming a reality. Hedge fund Shariah Capital is looking for strategic partners in the Middle East among the local banks with international funds and major investment institutions.

Muslim investors in the Gulf Arab region and Asia have traditionally frowned on hedge funds because they adopt strategies that are considered forbidden by Shariah. Several managers have been trying to develop Shariah compliant strategies that will emulate the strong returns of hedge funds.

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Bismillh hir rahman nir rahim

as sallam alaikum

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Posted by: sister | Feb 1, 2009 2:36:17 PM

As sallam alaikum
Islamic Resources by Mail
8600 18th ave west # f-307
Everett WA.. 98204
[email protected]

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