November 26, 2006

G20 Calls for More Regulation

-- By Pushpa Sathish, Staff Writer

On one hand, you have the European Union deciding against further regulation for the hedge fund industry in the fear that it will drive managers to more lenient pastures. On the other, you have the new chairman of the G20 group of economies, Trevor Manuel, calling for greater regulation in this $1.3 trillion industry in order to remove risks to global financial stability. Manuel, who also holds the portfolio of South Africa’s finance minister, revealed the G20’s plans to bring hedge funds under the umbrella of a common policy. Reuters reports:

“There are trends we are concerned about, in particular the quantity of money handled by unregulated hedge funds and the push we've seen towards private equity funds,” he said. “There is a push to take companies out of public scrutiny, a push to be unregulated. In the context of financial stability these concerns merit attention and informed comment.”

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