December 04, 2006

Nick Cavalla moves from man group to Cambridge fund

For universities today Hedge Funds are not only for class room teaching anymore. They are getting quite aggressive even where growth of their investments is concerned. Take the case of The University of Cambridge endowment fund in Britain that has recently hired the chief investment officer of the world’s largest listed hedge fund company. They have appointed Nick Cavalla as their chief investment officer. Nick has made this move from being the chief investment officer with Man Global Strategies (MGS), a division of Man Group.

Despite his move, Cavalla will continue to be associated with the hedge fund company in advisory capacity. He is expected to take up his new job by April 2007. Assets under management under the Cambridge endowment are around 1.2 billion pounds. Reuters reports:

One of the world's largest university funds, that of Yale University in the United States, has become famous for its high exposure to hedge funds and other alternative assets, led by its chief investment officer, David Swensen. Swenson is also a member of Cambridge University's own investment board.”

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